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Monday Morning Memo – Around the censhare World

Monday Morning Memo – Around the censhare World

This week, with half of my team out on vacation, I get my hands on the Monday Morning Memo and sharing this weekend’s reading I thought I’d take this regular post on a little vacation of its own with a digital wander around the various geographies we have offices in and the industries that we have helped…

First stop, I start from my home, the UK and probably our home vertical (publishing) where we started 17 years ago, and some good news as TNPS report that UK Print Advertising Revenue Rises, Bucking a 7 Year Trend! Referring to the Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure Report they comment on various strategies and trends on why this is happening, including some interesting quotes from around the industry and commentary on what this could mean more broadly for other parts of the industry.

Next a look at retail, where we have many friends (including Kohl’s, REWE, Vitra, Migros and a few others that like to keep us secret) and a short hop across to the Nordics. Of course, as in pretty much anywhere in the world, the big topic is Amazon ( 46% of Nordic retailers see them as a threat ), but, the article I’d like to share is much more upbeat, this rather insightful interview with Peter Andersson, Head of Retail at NetOnNet by Google, where he suggests it’s all about customer feedback.

Moving slightly south and it seems the home of our Southern European Headquarters, Paris France has become somewhat of a hot bed of technology innovation according to Tech crunch writer Ted Evans, a rival to Silicon Valley, peut être?

If artificial intelligence is your thing, we head 500 kilometres north for this fantastic read, as we discover how AI is being used by 5 organisations to power their business in the home of our Northern European HQ, The Netherlands.

Heading east and unlike many tech firms, we see India differently and it seems a good bet, with online transactions through mobile phones to hit 6 billion in 2020. It’s an exciting market and Rahul Bahukhandi shares some trends in this article on Entrepreneur India that we should all take notice of .

Next, we hit the long haul, from India to the US, where I’m delighted to share a first post from new Forrester Research Director, Allen Bonde, someone I worked with years ago. He shares a cracking opening article: Seeking Magic Moments — Why It’s Time To Tune Up Your Digital Experience Stack including 7 places to start with this strategy.

Back to our home, our headquarters in Germany, and back to retailers and a little cheat as this story was not published last week, but I love the insight we got from Max Pusch, CTO of MSP into the implementation of censhare at Rewe .

That’s it, hope you find some of these articles interesting, the Monday Morning Memo should be in safer hands next week…

Ian Truscott Ian Truscott

Ian Truscott hält den unoffiziellen Ehrentitel „Träger des Firmen-Megaphons“ für censhare und bringt als Marketingleiter 20 Jahre an B2B-Software-Erfahrung mit (er muss als Kind damit angefangen haben). Zum Glück für uns im Münchner Büro hat er einen Kessel und Teebeutel gefunden - seht Ihn Euch an, er ist glücklich.