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censhare Benelux & Nordics Opening

June 7, Gouda


Thanks for your interest, by clicking through to this page, I’m glad you are interested in joining us for this event, if you’ve already registered – thank you, I look forward to seeing you.

As mentioned before, on June 7th we are celebrating the official opening of our new regional headquarters, a dedicated hub serving our customers across the Benelux and the Nordics, in the beautiful city of Gouda.

As you may know, Gouda is a forward-looking city that encourages innovative companies like ours and are excited that we have chosen to have our regional headquarters here and they are throwing us a small party in their beautiful town hall. We have put together an agenda that includes a welcome from the mayor of Gouda, our CEO Dieter Reichert and an inspirational speaker - Frans Reichardt, the  Customer Listener – see below for the full agenda.

If you’ve not already registered, please do, so we can get an idea of numbers and I look forward to seeing you on June 7th.

Kind regards,

Pieter Stroop
MD, censhare Benelux & Nordics



Reception – tea and coffee



A quick introduction to censhare and the event.

Pieter Stroop
MD Benelux & Nordics


The Marketer’s Rat-Race

Marketers are being hit from all sides; how do you keep the customer happy, employees satisfied, continue to innovate like crazy and still have a great life? The answer; marketing cannot continue to be as complicated as it is today, we must turn this complexity into value.

Pieter Stroop
MD Benelux & Nordics


Welcome to the Google Galaxy

In most organisations, Content Management is a silo’d operation, content is locked up in Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, Web Content Management and other niche systems.

Yet all this content has a common aim; to engage and inform a content hungry digital consumer, in the language and channel of their choice. In the Google galaxy, without silos, consumers do not care about these archaic labels and rules. Our dependency on silos is deeper than this and Dieter will discuss how the exponential development in technology is changing organization structures and systems, not only in companies but even in the future society.

Dieter Reichert
CEO & Co-founder


Coffee Break


Customers Do Not Think In Channels (but they do choose them)

Is your organization also wrestling with the question: what channels can I use best to reach them? How is it possible that some companies can make their customers happy like a puppy and some don’t? How do they address the ever changing customer desire for a new channel?

Through original observations from psychology, scientific research and examples from true life, Frans Reichardt, a trendwatcher and inspirational speaker, shows in a humorous way what choices customers make, the essence of customer behavior, and why customers do not think alongside channels, but definetely do choose them.

Frans Reichardt
The Customer Listener


Welcome to Gouda

A warm welcome to censhare from the city of Gouda.

Milo Schoenmaker
Mayor of Gouda


Drinks and Canapes on the Balcony of the Old City Hall

A chance to network, overlooking the beautiful town square.