Production of regional section

With censhare 4.8, companies can produce magazines with a regional section. Page planning, the central component of print production, has been extended for these scenarios. For different pages of an issue, different regions may be defined, and different Adobe InDesign Layouts placed in them. censhare also supports Adobe Creative Cloud for Adobe InCopy and InDesign.

Seamless integration in digital asset management

censhare page planning is the cornerstone of every print production, for planning, monitoring and finally the generation of the print-ready PDF. With the complete integration of digital asset management, all contents are available for page planning, in order, for example, to place layouts directly. In addition there is, for instance, the interface to ad booking systems. Workflows control the production of the edition with the individual elements such as layouts, articles or images. With censhare 4.8, companies can also create editions with one or more regional sections.

For example, a tourism association produces a holiday magazine for holiday resorts on the North Sea coast in Schleswig-Holstein. For each resort, there is a regional section with information on events and a service area. With censhare 4.8, the editions for the different resorts may be planned as a magazine, and produced with different regional sections. In page planning, the corresponding pages for the resorts are defined as regional. For each resort there is a variant for each page.

While the tourism association is working on the cover section, the tourist information agencies of each resort can update their regional sections in parallel. The person responsible for each part calls up page planning, selects their resort as the region and adjusts the event information with the integrated layout editor. If required, Adobe InDesign can also be used for this. When everything is ready, the workflow may be set to “For Release”.

When the magazine has reached general release, one mouse-click is enough for the production and copying into a file folder of a print PDF for each resort. The printer collects the data from there by means of FTP, after receiving an automatically generated email.

With version 4.8, censhare supports the versions Adobe Creative Suite 5, 5.5, and 6 as well as Adobe Creative Cloud, for Adobe InDesign and InCopy.

Customer Benefits

  • Direct access to all placed assets from page planning, for further processing

  • Several users can work on page planning in parallel

  • Definition of one or more regional sections in a booklet, magazine, brochure or other print product

Application Case

  • Production of a magazine with a regional and local section

  • Production of a marketing brochure with a partner-specific section

  • Production of a magazine for a holiday area with a section for the particular resort

A magazine with various editions

With version 4.8, censhare introduces regional sections for page planning. This allows the planning of special sections in an edition for different regions. The magazine also has areas which are the same for all editions (cover section). For every region there are parts of the magazine which differ from the rest. Only the overall size remains the same. A company has free choice in the definition of the regions. They could be countries, organizations, places, areas of interest or other entities. A hierarchical structure such as country, region and cities is a possibility.

In order to define a region in an edition, the user goes to the appropriate page in page planning and creates the desired region. Further regions may be added to the page at any time. As soon as regions are defined for page planning, a switch appears to allow switching between the different versions. The user sees the pages placed for the currently selected region. In order to generate a PDF for a particular regional variant, all user has to do is to select the desired region for display.

For each page with regional variants, individual or every variant may be deleted again. If these contain placements, then these will similarly be deleted from the page.

Flexible working with regional variants

The administrator defines the regions available in censhare in the admin client, in the “Regions (print)” section of the key data. Here, hierarchical structures can also be defined: For example, the “Germany”, “Austria” and "Switzerland” regions belong to the “DACH” region.

In order to define regions for a page in page planning, the user selects the “main elements” mode and marks the appropriate page. Here the page must be empty: No placements may be present. With a right mouse click, the user opens the selection menu and selects the entry "create regional split page(s)". The desired region can now be defined here.

If regions already exist to the left or right of the selected page, the command “add regional page(s)” also appears. Then censhare suggests applying to the marked page the regions already defined to the left or right. The "left” or “right” addition to the command indicates which page the proposed regions come from.

If a user has defined a section with more than one region, these may be filled in differently. If the section consists of three pages, an article of three pages can be placed in one region. In another region, two articles with two pages or one page may be accommodated.

If a user wants to generate a print PDF from the page planning with regions, the desired region should simply be selected. If a region on a page containing a layout is deleted, censhare deletes the link between the layout and the page. The association with page planning and other pages remains in existence.

For interacting with Adobe Creative Suite or Creative Cloud, the plug-in (version 2.8.9) is available, which works with the censhare clients of versions 4.5.22, 4.6.22, 4.7.15 and 4.8.0 or higher.

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