Migropolis – the other side of Venice

censhare sponsors book project

Migropolis is an extraordinary project, sponsored by censhare, in which migration and globalization are visually explored and documented taking the city of Venice as an example. After three years of work headed by Professor Wolfgang Scheppe, students at the IUAV University in Venice have now concluded the project. From October the 8th, 2009, an exhibition on Migropolis will take place at the Galleria di Piazza San Marco in Venice and from mid October, a book of the same name will be on the shelves at bookshops in Europe.


The Migropolis project has created a sophisticated and widely ramified map comprising essays, photo and image argumentations as well as data visualizations and interviews that microscopically dissect the globalized territory of Venice.

censhare provided the software for this project. A central platform was created for all collaborators who were working on the project simultaneously across the globe. The decentralization, distribution of tasks, status monitoring as well as the subsequent project controlling and steering was rapidly and simply handled by censhare in a clear structured manner. Via Webclient, the project participants from all over the world had access to the system and only required short familiarization instructions via e-mail to get up and running.

The 1,300 page book features over 1,700 colour photographs and will be presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair ‚held between 14th – 18th of October, and from mid October the book will be available at bookshops. From October the 8th through to December 6th, 2009, an exhibition on Migropolis will be open to the public at the Galleria di Piazza San Marco, Venice.

We are very pleased to have been able to contribute to this successful project and would like to wish all the participants in Migropolis every success for the premiere of the book and the exhibition.

More information on the book and the project is available at and .

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