Publishing is as multifaceted as the world

Schmetterling switches catalogue production to censhare

„As multifaceted as the world“ is the motto of the tour operator Schmetterling, and the demands that the company makes on the production of catalogues and other information material for customers and partners are just as diversified. For greater efficiency in the production of its advertising material, Schmetterling has now made the switch to the censhare single source publishing system and is recording tremendous time savings especially in the production of catalogues. In addition, travel agency partners are able to tap into a shop system and produce their own advertising material both rapidly and conveniently according to Schmetterling's corporate design specifications by way of web-to-print.


Schmetterling is the largest independent medium-sized travel agency cooperation with more than 3,500 affiliated partners in Europe. Seven main catalogues with up to 160 pages, as well as numerous sub-catalogues for individual regions, are compiled and produced every year at Schmetterling. The production database holds around 30,000 images, which had to be categorized, indexed and linked to information on license and utilization rights. Other file formats, such as videos, Excel tables with prices of over 500 hotels and other product information had to be entered into the system. In the past, Schmetterling had relied on a catalogue system that had proved increasingly complicated and inflexible due to the rising volume of data and different data sources involved. Price tables had to be created manually in InDesign, which incurred additional effort.

Opting for censhare means that Schmetterling now has format-independent media asset management that holds all image and product data in a central system. All staff involved and external service providers can access censhare through a Web Client to create and edit advertising material such as catalogues and flyers directly in the system. They can also control release and transfer processes with the help of workflow management and through the streamlining and central process control, the production times for catalogues have been reduced dramatically.

In the future, the 20 members of staff working with the system in house at Schmetterling will be joined up with the 3,500 travel agency partners. Schmetterling wants to offer the partners the opportunity to generate personalized advertising material themselves in connection with the tour operator’s offers. Thus enabling a shop system from which the travel agencies will be able to order customer loyalization items such as stickers, caps, suitcase tags, travel bags, business supplies such as stationery, ticket holders, calling cards, and advertising material such as stickers and flyers. censhare makes it possible to draw up templates so that the travel agencies can individually tailor the contents from censhare’s media asset management system and produce by web-to-print. This ensures that Schmetterling's brand image and profile are always consistent in partner material, prices are stated correctly and images are used in line with their licensing and copyrights.

The integration partner for the censhare publishing system at Schmetterling is hofmann infocom ag in Nurnberg, a consolidation of companies, which includes a print shop, a media prepress area and publishers with extensive publishing knowledge. "When Schmetterling came to us for a more efficient organization of the catalogue production, expansion of languages and sub-catalogues as well as linking the travel agency partners, our in-depth market research led us to censhare. It is the only system with a modular design that covers all areas in one system, multi-client capability that regulates the workflow and access to the media database with an openness to new publication forms such as web and mobile. This allowed us to satisfy all of Schmetterling's requirements. We have found a product that optimally supplements our portfolio," reports Stefan Krommer, head of New Media at hofmann infocom.

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