Editora Abril Switches Media Production to censhare

Bringing up to the minute news to millions of readers

Editora Abril, one of the largest publishing houses in Latin America, is switching the production of more than 50 print titles to the censhare global publication and information system. Thanks to the new capabilities, Abril will, in future, be able to manage and steer all the processes involved in the creation and production of its print media based on a single, central system – from the processing of adverts and to page planning, the generation of editorial content by some 1,300 editors, as well as cooperation with layout professionals and service providers all the way through to passing on contents to the web output system and archiving contents.

Logo EDITORA Abril

Logo EDITORA Abril

Adobe InDesign and InCopy have been selected as layout and editorial tools. Thanks to the new censhare installation, the various areas and activities at Abril will be able to cooperate and interact more rapidly and smoothly, with less delays and errors in the production process, while the across-media utilization of contents helps save costs and generates new sales opportunities.

In opting for censhare, Abril is replacing a heterogeneous IT landscape with many insular solutions, which could no longer maintain the high pace of current technical developments in media production. Following a one year period in which Abril researched the markets and tested various technical approaches and solutions, the decision was made in favor of censhare - based on the results of an extensive proof-of-concept phase.

“We looked for an architecture capable of creating a homogeneous environment, also in such a large scale project as at Editora Abril,“ explained Walter Toscano, IT Executive of Editora Abril, and project leader “censhare is based on a comprehensive, unified approach and concept, enabling the creation of contents for print, online and mobile media based on a media neutral source that not only steers and controls our entire editorial work flow, but also consolidates our entire content processing used for printing and all necessary processes in a central system. Together with the specialists at censhare we have also been successful in developing a plausible and realistic planning concept, outlining which systems can be integrated into the new platform or can be replaced by censhare.

A chronicle of Brazilian history

With more than 370 titles amounting to a circulation of just under 188 million copies, Editora Abril reaches almost 30 million readers, including 4 million subscribers. “Veja“ is the flagship publication, and ranks as the world’s third largest weekly news magazine. In the first project phase, the entire production will be converted to censhare. As a weekly publication, the print issue of Veja provides up to the minute information on developments in Latin America and across the globe in the areas of politics, business and culture, while the web site records 2,2 million of unique visitors and 22,1 million of page views per month (2010).

“According to the estimations of the analysts Heernet Ventures Limited specialized in the media branch, Brazil, with its strong economic growth, the rising share of urban populations and high rate of literacy features as one of the world’s most attractive media markets. Thanks to the capabilities of censhare, Editora Abril will be able to remain abreast of rapid market developments, also over the long term, and will be able to easily integrate new media and develop new instruments for generating sales based on its existing editorial content,“ as Dieter Reichert, censhare board member and CMO commented. “This is a strategic decision for the next decades, which places Abril head and shoulders above other major publishing companies.“

The main aspects of the project comprise the incremental conversion of editorial activities and offices to censhare and the development of a WebCMS interface to Abril Digital, by which contents can be reutilized across all media channels. Based on censhare, Abril will consolidate its huge archive that contains over seven million photos and images chronicling Brazilian history, as well as countless text contributions.

Single Source Publishing as the foundation for greater efficiency and new sales models

censhare store information in a media neutral format in a Media Asset Management module, and makes this information available for a wide range of different channels. This genuine single source publishing provides staff, customers, external service providers as well as Abril’s partners across the globe with 24/7 access in real-time to all relevant data, and reduces time input and costs of generating publications.

According to the requirements of individual media, Editora Abril can freely define production processes and workflows, and also steer complex projects such as the production of a publication with different regional issues. The high performance and flexible editorial system guarantees that editors can concentrate on their journalistic work, and that the coordination with third parties proceeds automatically and smoothly – from page planners and layout professionals through to external service providers and content providers such as press agencies, translation offices and all the way through to readers and users who contribute to the generation of contents by way of product evaluations, tests and experience reports. Abril can simultaneously publish editorial contents in different media and combine these contents with adverts from a connected advert system. This opens up entirely new opportunities for the publishing company to generate sales based on its valuable content.

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