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censhare AG is multicultural. With our head office in Munich and branches in Freiburg, London, Zürich, Gurgaon und New York , we have been implementing the censhare suite since 2001 with a current staff of 130.

Stefan Ruthner

"The cooperation and the spirit of cohesion here at censhare are unique: a balanced new economy business. It is great to be a part of all this."

phone: +49 89 568236-108
fax: +49 89 568236-501
stefan.ruthner <AT> censhare.com

Function: Head of Sales EMEA

Joined the company: 2009

Book: Jack. Straight From the Gut, The Myth of Enlightenment: Seeing Through the Illusion of Separation, The Godfather, The Alchemist.

Music: U2, Dido, Chicane, Keith Jarrett.

Movie: Pulp Fiction, Million Dollar Hotel, Babel. 24, Lost, Battlestar Galactica.

Food: Sushi and seafood, Italian food and fresh produce from the outdoor markets.

Vacation: Far away countries, sun, mountains, sea, sailing, diving and nature. Most important – a friendly climate.


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Our customer solve their communication and publishing tasks in various industries with censhare. Get an overview about the censhare projects.


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Our partner network connects companies and experts with numerous skills regarding censhare: be it consulting, development or the operation of a censhare system.

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Performance Indicator

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